Post #101: Notes on Going Forward

And this is the part where I tell you that my interests do not lie solely in complaining about college, writing bad poetry, or trying my hand at fiction. Since I was sixteen, I’ve been intensely interested in finance. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when this interest developed, what sparked it, but ever since—especially in college, when everyone and their little brother is interested in going into investment banking—I’ve sat down to lunch with friends, where they’d ask me a question, and I’d talk. And they’d ask more questions. And I’d talk some more.

I fancy myself as something of a polymath, and one who’s always looking to share.

As I think about what I want Halcyon Days’ next 100 posts to be about, I’m making it a point to expand the range of topics about which I write; this expanded repertoire better reflects my diverse interests. I promise to deliver all content, whether about finance or cosmology or anything else for that matter in the same style I’ve delivered all of my previous content, that which reflects the way I think. I’ll explain all abstruse theory, chunky polysyllabic verbiage, and mechanics clearly.

And I promise to be cruel and unusual and as biting in my criticism as I’ve been for the past 100 posts. Do not despair. It’s the same JDR, just better. And more. There is something for everyone.


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  1. Renee Rowley Avatar
    Renee Rowley

    Good to hear that you will keep your snarky bite alive in your future writings!

    Congrats on the first 100 posts!!!! Love ya!

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