A New ‘Days’ Dawns

Welcome to the new, and surprisingly unchanged, Halcyon Days. In the past week, I’ve successfully migrated over from WordPress.com to self-hosting. (This gives me considerably more freedom to customize readers’ experience.) Additionally, I’ve programmed a little Facebook application which automatically updates my (not your) activity feed with new posts. Finally, I’ve done a little bit of work on the Halcyon Days page on Facebook, and integrated a Like box (that thing on the right hand side) into the site.

Unfortunately, there is one category of data which did not migrate over: statistics. So, I started yesterday with 0 all-time views on this site, which was a blow to my ego. But, below I have a list of my top 1o most-viewed posts. I encourage new readers to browse through the Archives, which you can do from a widget on the right.

The Halcyon Days Top Ten Most-Read Posts

  1. You Should Date an Illiterate Man
  2. How to Get Into College: Steal This
  3. How to Get in Great Shape, Get a Comprehensive Education from the World’s Best Institutions, Make Friends, and Earn Almost $75k… All in Less Than A Year!!!
  4. How to Get Hired at a Hedge Fund: A Resume Dissection
  5. Are You Too Smart for College?
  6. On the Hating of Haters
  7. On University of Chicago’s Biggest Lesson
  8. On Naked Parties
  9. How I Learned to Stop Learning, Gush Platitude, and Get A’s in Critical Thinking Courses
  10. In Defense of Fiction: On Nuance

Many, many new posts are on the way.


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