Interesting Experiences

Here you will find a bulleted list of interesting experiences I have, well, experienced. I am really bad at talking about myself (as opposed to my interests, about which I could talk ad nauseum) so if you ever feel like breaking the ice with me, these might be good places to start.

  • The time my sisters and I got into the White House. I was wearing a tie dye tee shirt, and my sisters were wearing sun dresses. Everyone else was wearing black tie. Bill Clinton waved at us and we were fleetingly on national television. I was 8 years old.
  • The day my family got to meet Barack and Michelle Obama, and Stephen Hawking, among many others.
  • Stories from the 2012 campaign trail where, in Ohio, my friend Colin and I encountered crazy characters, slept on floors, hitched a ride back to Chicago with a jazz musician, and found ourselves on the bleachers at McCormick Place behind President Obama on election night.
  • Dance parties on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. (I need not say more.)
  • Meeting the Emperor and Empress of Japan.
  • What happened to bring my first startup, Mergenote (rest in peace), to a screeching and unceremonious halt.
  • A misbegotten trip to NYC with my friend Patrick and a few other UChicago undergrads, in which we lobbied the United Nations for greater student involvement in an academic network project they were developing. I learned a lot about bureaucracy that week. We did get a photo with Ban Ki-Moon, which made the whole thing worthwhile.
  • Going to Antarctica.
  • Bringing the UChicago undergraduate entrepreneurship club together alongside my friends in 2009.
  • Trying to get a hacker house built in Seattle.