My CV / Portfolio

I have a lot of experiences that do not translate very well into a traditional resumé, so I made this hybrid portfolio / CV instead.

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Work Experience

In roughly reverse-chronological order…

  • Editor in Chief, Deepgram
  • Head of Content, Capbase
  • US Content Lead, SPEEDA Edge
  • Data Acquisition Lead, Golden
  • Data Journalist & First words on site, Crunchbase [News]
  • Senior Columnist, Mattermark
  • Summer Analyst & EIR, DFJ Aurora / GTC
  • Spring Intern, 1871
  • Founder, Mergenote
  • Contributor, Techli
  • Freelance Equities Analyst, EY


University of Chicago, A.B., Political Science w/ General Honors

Thesis: “Finding Bitcoin’s Central Banker”, a survey of the history of centralization in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies paired with a network analysis of Bitcoin investors and media figures in China. In this thesis, I identified a small clique led by someone I argue to be the most influential person in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space at the time of writing.

Selected Writing

Crunchbase News

  • Started the Last Week In Venture series.
  • Quarterly Global VC Reports: Q1 ’17, Q2 ’17, Q3 ’17, Q4 ’17, Q1 ’18, Q2 ’18, Q3 ’18.

To view all my posts for Crunchbase News, visit my author page there.


To view all my posts for Mattermark, visit my author page there.



For two years, I was a technology blogger for, which used to be known as “Flyover Geeks”. The freedom my editors gave me to explore topics that personally interested me was immensely valuable in shaping my understanding of technology and the technology business.

My primary topics of coverage were the intersection of technology and society, privacy, intellectual property, entrepreneurial culture, and Facebook. Below is a sample of what I feel is some of my better writing and journalistic work I did for Techli.

To view a list of all my posts for Techli, visit my author page on that site.


For almost 9 months a few years back, I took a break from publishing to my blog here at Instead, I published some writing up on Medium. Here’s a selection of some of my better posts there.

Interviews & Other Media Mentions

  • November 2, 2018: On Cheddar’s Closing Bell show, I discussed an article I wrote about SoftBank’s investment into Zume, parent company of Zume Pizza.
  • My Crunchbase News article about VC funding of blockchain companies was mentioned on the May 21, 2018 episode of the Techmeme Ride Home podcast, a personal favorite. The segment begins at roughly 5m40s.
  • “Virtual Reality, Already A Reality? [PDF], an interview in PCM, a payments industry trade journal from Payments & Cards Network, in which I discuss the evolution of virtual reality and opportunities for the payments industry in VR/AR. (July, 2016)
  • I discussed “The 8 Megabyte Question” and some insider info from the Chinese Bitcoin community on TechCrunch’s Bitcoin podcast. (August 31, 2015)

Selected Presentations

The Future of Search

The Future of Search from Jason Rowley

Notes for “The Future of Search” talk from Jason Rowley

On Pitching

On Pitching from Jason Rowley

Logo Design

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