Here you can find some of the writing that I am most pleased with.


The last few times I’ve visited San Francisco, I’ve stayed with my friend Alex, who is a technology journalist. We came up with this idea during a night on the town, and followed through the next day. I’m extremely happy that I was added as an official co-author on the piece.



For two years, I was a technology blogger for Techli.com, which used to be known as “Flyover Geeks”. The freedom my editors gave me to explore topics that personally interested me was immensely valuable in shaping my understanding of technology and the technology business.

My primary topics of coverage were the intersection of technology and society, privacy, intellectual property, entrepreneurial culture, and Facebook. Below is a sample of what I feel is some of my better writing and journalistic work I did for Techli.


I took a break from publishing to my blog here at jasondrowley.com. Instead, I published some writing up on Medium. Here’s a selection of some of my better posts there.