China Journal, Entry 4. “Raid”

<< CHINA JOURNAL >> Dec 15, ’15, 2:45 AM

What. The. Fuck.

So our hotel has very thin walls. I was awoken out of a very sound sleep by some guy shouting in Mandarin at the next door over. The guy was forceful but calm at first. Then he barked again, louder and more angrily, with no response from inside the door. Then he shouted and broke down the door. A physical altercation ensued. There was shrieking. Continue reading “China Journal, Entry 4. “Raid””

China Trip Journal, Entries 1 & 2

Below are the first entries in a small journal I’m keeping to chronicle my first trip to China. I’m here on what may be the last school-organized trip I ever go on.

We’re currently in Beijing. I flew in this morning from Chicago by way of Seoul. We head to Shanghai in a few days.

The purpose of this trip is to expose students to the business climate and opportunities in China. I’ll keep notes about the meetings we go to off this blog, for the most part, but I’ll probably digest what I’ve learned into a post or two when I get home. But, before that happens, I’ll share journal entries here on my blog over the next week while we’re in┬ásitu.


12/13/15 11:32 AM, Beijing

I just arrived in Beijing. I’m sitting on an express train to Dongzhimen, where our hotel is. Continue reading “China Trip Journal, Entries 1 & 2”