In Defense of Darkness

My post “JDR Makes A Film” received the comment below:

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This was disappointing. A worthless, somber look at a day that brought many neighborhoods together and gave joy to countless curiously eager and vigorous young people. You missed a great portion of the people’s positive spirits during today’s citywide snow day.

Sorry, I just really didn’t like it.

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This individual, who left neither a functioning email or their name–choosing instead the nome de plume Disappointed–might be a bit, how to say it, misguided in their expectations. What I mean by “expectations” is this: in order to be disappointed this person must have possessed some hope or aspirations for what the video was supposed to be, and that, in posting the video I posted, I let down this individual. I, by implication, failed this person somehow.

And this brings up a sticky issue. Continue reading “In Defense of Darkness”

JDR Makes a Film – Storm’s Wake

The University of Chicago cancelled classes today and tomorrow due to inclement weather. Naturally, I decided to take a hike around Hyde Park and the campus, as well as wander out to Promontory Point. With me I brought my iPhone, on which I recorded some video using the 8mm application. It’s responsible for the nice film-like effects.

As these are easy and relatively quick to make, It’s my intention to record and produce more of these.

I wrote the text, shot the video, and edited it. In case anybody is interested, the song I used is “Havelock” by Goldmund, off the album “Famous Places”. The album is awesome, for the record, as is Goldmund’s alter ego Helios–also known as Keith Kenniff.