An Appeal to “Halcyon Days” Readers

John Updike, in one of his personal essays collected in the back of More Matter, said that he likes writing because it reminded him of his college days—which, at Harvard in the ’50s, were probably worthy of his approbation—where, assigned a prompt, he could essay an essay for submission. In an effort to create variation in what’s posted here, I’d appreciate suggestions—prompts, if you will—of subjects or questions about which you’d like to hear my opinion.

I ask this because I fear deeply that I’m going to start recursively analyzing what I’ve already written, but, primarily, I’d like to create some equity in this blog’s final product for its end user—you, the reader, whom I’ve bludgeoned with exotic vocabulary for two-and-a-half months and counting.

Please send me your suggestions, with “Halcyon Days” in the subject line, to, or tweet me @Jason_Rowley with the hashtag #Halcyon. It only takes 5 minutes, which, if you’ve taken the time to de-convolute what I’ve heretofore written, is likely only a tiny fraction of the time you’ve spent on the blog.

With your input, we can all get more out of this little experiment of mine. Keep an eye out for a new “Reader-Suggested Posts” category as recommendations roll in.


3 responses to “An Appeal to “Halcyon Days” Readers”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    You should delete this post. Do not kowtow to populism. If you are redundant stream of rambling then be it.

  2. I don’t necessarily see it as kowtowing to populism. The rhetorical style I employ is decidedly non-populist insofar as vocabulary deployed and references to my own anti-populist beliefs. I personally dislike MBA-doublespeak, but this is an exercise in “crowdsourcing” topics.

    I’m not necessarily planning to answer every suggested question, either. If a suggested topic or question piques my interest, I’ll write about it. If not, then not.   

  3. *replace “with respect to” in place of “insofar”. Both work, but w/r/t sounds better.

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