Careerism is Dead.

I’m now blogging for Flyover Geeks, a Chicago-based blog aiming to be the TechCrunch of the midwest, the “flyover states”. I’ve been tasked with writing about college, entrepreneurship, and my opinion of both/either of them. Here, on The Halcyon Days, I’ve posted the first paragraph of my Flyover Geeks post, “Careerism is Dead”. It is a pared-down version of a Halcyon Days post from the summer.

From the time they’re young, kids are told to go to college and get a good job. Well, I’ve been doing some thinking about what it means to have a “good job”, and I find myself unimpressed. Look no further than the movies to find examples of Good Jobs. Charlie Sheen’s character in Wall Street had a good job selling stock to rich people. What about Leo DiCaprio’s Frank Wheeler in the film adaptation of Revolutionary Road? He had a good job at Knox Business Machines doing… something. What he did, exactly, is a little unclear. In fact, there are dozens of such characters who worked hard to graduate from Brand Name University only to get a Good Job that utilizes precisely 0% of what he/she learned in school. I don’t know who came up with the whole Good Job idea, but they were a spot-on marketer. Good Jobs, to be frank and a tad crass, suck.

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