Fixing “Social Entrepreneurship” – Pt. I

Idea of the day:

I’ve had a lot of issues with the notion of “Social Entrepreneurship” for a long time now. Instead of white guys going into predominantly nonwhite countries, acting all patronizing, as if they are the “only ones who are willing to help these people“, it might be more efficacious (and less colonialist) to train/teach, empower locals such that–gasp!–they could run their own businesses for themselves: independent of the (invariably affluent and college-educated) white guys. Might this be the end of the dependency-trap into which the third-world is drawn by western aid–including many ostensibly socially-conscious enterprises operating in the third-world? Yes.

What to call this model? Low-Latency Social Entrepreneurship. More on this later.


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  1. Nick Gangas Avatar
    Nick Gangas

    Great idea Jason. Maybe we should try this in our own country first !!!

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