Schumpeter’s Nightmare

Check out my most recent Flyover Geeks article here. You’ll find an excerpt below:

Well, it seems as though I’ve got another sacred cow to kill. Universities, over the past thirty or so years, have made an effort to support a vibrant campus community, with varsity sports and extracurricular activities at its center. Any recent college graduates, students, or parents of college-aged children will remember the process of touring campuses, and will recall that tour guides and admissions staff spent only a tiny fraction of their time talking about the school’s academic merits. No, almost every college focuses on Student Life. But, reader, rest assured, I’m not here to critique all student clubs. It doesn’t really matter if, for example, the Harvard Tiddlywinks Club (I kid you not) is run as efficiently as possible.


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  1. Renee Rowley Avatar
    Renee Rowley

    OK,here I disagree somewhat…although much time is spent on student life, there was a solid 10 minutes or so of the hour spent on academics. Now come on. Ten minutes out of 60, that’s more than a tiny fraction…a hefty 15%!

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