The Halcyon Days Will Experience Some Technical Issues

Dear All,

I’m migrating The Halcyon Days over to a self-hosted implementation through

Interruption in service to is expected, but should not last more than the next 24-48 hours, depending on my attention span. In the meantime, The Halcyon Days will be available at

My primary motivation for switching to self-hosting is twofold. First, I want to integrate some Facebook social plugins, so that my readers can see what their friends like, and to more easily facilitate sharing of HD content. Second, after a long period of debate and tribulation, I am going to (tastefully) deploy advertising from Google AdSense and install an Amazon widget–some fraction of visitors’ purchases through which will find its way back to me.

Again, I regret having to monetize what’s heretofore been strictly a labor of love. It will continue to be. Putting it differently, this is extrinsic motivation to act on a constant, intrinsic motivation. I’m doing what I love, but now I’ll have more motivation to do it and do more of it.


Jason D. Rowley

P.S.: Just because I’m monetizing, this doesn’t mean I’m going to produce reams and reams of shitty content just for the sake of pushing content. That’s not how I roll.


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