On Breaking Radio Silence

After a long hiatus from writing on my blog, I feel this surprising emptiness. One would think that taking almost two months off from writing anything personal would leave one bursting with ideas and stories and hundreds of observations gathered while doing something other than sitting behind a computer screen, tapping away on a keyboard. But after weeks of trying to dig deep and find something worth writing about, something worthy of breaking weeks of dead air, I’m at a loss.

I have been sitting behind my computer, researching, working, writing, and learning how to use Adobe’s software. But the one thing I noticed, after spending so much time chasing the bleeding edge of the present, and divining plans for the future, is that time spent online is time wasted. It’s a bad hangover: hours condense into moments, and mornings trickle into afternoons into evenings without so much as a peep.

And it’s a real shame too, because the coolest things I’m working on must remain tucked carefully away for the time being. You will see them soon enough.



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