16 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Network is 11000x Faster than the Top 500 Supercomputers Combined”

  1. Seems this growth is pretty exponential – I just re-did that with latest numbers and it’s almost sixty-four thousand times (63 808) faster. Agreed that it’s not particularly useful, but fascinating (:

    1. Again, I was very careful to mention in my post that it’s mostly a useless measure (because FLOPs don’t translate well to SHA-256 hashes, even on CPUs, let alone ASICs)

      It’s still a fun comparison to make though.

      I’m now really tempted to devise a kind of dashboard that tracks the multiple.

      1. I think this is a useful comparison in the sense that it shows how utterly futileit would be for any individual or government to take control of the network with their supercomputers. Unless they have a secret stock pile of billions of ASICs just waiting to come online..

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