Indie Software I Pay For

“What’s tech/software/app that is (a) run by indie devs/small co and (b) that you feel great paying for? ¶ two of mine: ¶ @BearNotesApp @OvercastFM” – @hunterwalk

I guarantee I’m forgetting some stuff. This might be updated in the future.

Web & iOS

  • Innologica: Inoreader. RSS for power-users. This is how I consume everything from email newsletters and blogs to giant feeds of SEC filings.


  • Overcast: Podcasts.
  • GoodNotes: Digital notebook that pairs well with Apple Pencil.
  • CARROT: Weather, mostly for the sassy bot as a shell for DarkSky


  • Omnigroup: OmniOutliner
  • Smile Software: TextExpander
  • Devon Technologies: DEVONagent (web browser with very deep search and topic network visualization I use for research), DEVONthink (Like locally-hosted Evernote, but terrifyingly more flexible. I use this for researching big projects and managing different knowledge bases.)

Apple: Cross-platform

  • Information Architects: iA Writer, IMO the best minimalist Markdown editor experience (with lots of great keyboard shortcuts), but it has some bugs with syncs and versioning
  • Agile Turtle: Drafts 5, the MacOS beta of which was so compelling that I upgraded to Mojave from Sierra just to try it.
  • Omnigroup: OmniFocus Pro (yes, OmniOutliner is also available on iOS but I don’t use it there)
  • Tapbots: Tweetbot, for twitter list tracking


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