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  • Halcyon Days Goes on Vacation

    The Halcyon Days will be going on a brief hiatus while its principal contributor, Jason D. Rowley, (a.k.a me) finishes up a graduate school application (the three page “statement of intent” of which will be posted for HD‘s readers’ perusal) and visits Washington, D.C.. In the meantime, though, I highly recommend some of my friends’…

  • A Quick Thought On Awesome

    I want to find something awesome, you know, in the 19th century sense of the word ‘Awesome’. I’ve never really sat in awe of anything before. In finding what I find awesome, I will find what I want to do with my life.

  • Who Says Facebook Killed Smart Public Discourse?

    Me. Yeah, I said it. Facebook killed intelligent conversation. Occasionally though, intelligent people, like my friend and UNAI co-conspirator Patrick Ip, post a quote from another (ostensibly) intelligent person on their Facebook feeds (né “walls”), and somehow, without rhyme or reason, a torrent of responses issues forth.

  • On The Hating of Haters

    This is a co-blogging effort with a couple of friends in response to negative feedback some of us received on our recent posts. Check out Patrick Ip and Ted Gonder‘s response to the following question, phrased so eloquently by Ted:  As young guns rise to the archetypal “top”, they are often discouraged, doubted, and “hated…