Twenty-four thousand, seven-hundred fifty-five :: Or, “On the Pleasures and Sorrows of Returning to School”

Over this past summer, I’ve seen and done and learned many thjngs. I’ve visited exotic and not so exotic locales, read over a dozen books, became more involved with an entrepreneurship organization—the first whose mission statement I can actually stand behind—and, most pertinent to the readers of The Halcyon Days, published a total of 24,755 words since HD’s inception in early June.

To put this into some perspective, 24,755 words is roughly equal to 34 book pages of text. It’s almost 70 pages in a small-format book. Surprisingly, this is roughly equivalent to the amount of writing I did last year for all of my classes combined, which I calculated to be between 105-115 double-spaced pages.

Unfortunately, the coming school year promises to be challenging, and the volume of published material might taper off a bit. It is my goal and promise to myself and each person who reads this to maintain the current level of intellectual rigor and lexical verve present on The Halcyon Days as it currently exists.

I have a couple of interesting ideas that I’m toying with, and a huge collection of non sequitur paragraphs languishing in a document I call “Orphans”. Some of them will find a home tomorrow. I will too.


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