Sin Offers Student-Org Gomorra A Path to Salvation

My newest post for Flyover Geeks can be found here. I profiled friend and colleague Vivien Sin and her organization EnvisionDo. Below is the first paragraph.

Older, more jaded readers of Flyover Geeks might find themselves totally bamboozled by the recent groundswell in enthusiasm for “leadership”, “changing the world”, “social” things, and the totally empty word “impact” amongst America’s young people. Don’t worry, older jaded readers, I find myself mystified at my own peers’ fascination with these notions as well. I can’t really explain how we’ve all become interested in this stuff. Phenomenologically, think of it as a confluence of 1960’s hippie feel-good collectivity and shoulder-padded 1980’s type-A personality: people of my age-group have this somewhat dissonant belief that 1) collectively we must act to save the world from itself, and 2) each member of that collective is or can be a leader, can affect that action.


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  1. Renee Rowley Avatar
    Renee Rowley

    Delightful writing this Flyover Geeks article was, and I like her idea of instilling social consciousness into people, in whatever they endeavor.

    Your writing was outstanding on this one.

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