A Random Thought About The Coming Spring

I rarely eat lunch alone, but when I do I write in my journal. An excerpt:


12:15 p.m.

I really love these grey wet spring days. Especially before all the leaves and flowers come out: vernal sweetness with the bleak stark verity of winter–the world’s denuded skeletons stand still proudly, their limbs and digits swaying in a warm breeze. Smelling all of the promise of late March sensible only in mid-February. You know exactly what I mean. You do.


Author: Jason D. Rowley

As I mentioned elsewhere, I wear a lot of hats. Currently, I'm interested in VC data, early stage startups, and journalism. Previously I've been a blogger, designer, researcher, startup founder, (temporary) college dropout, connector, occasional branding designer and amateur chef.

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