Why being the creative type sucks, an ironical freeform pwm.

Question to ask somebody:

When you think, do you do as I do

and sing the words a little bit

to a tune you do not know,

nor to which you might not see

the next bars of on the score?

Do you like me swing low

over the phrases of this poem,

thrashing, gesticulating explosively?

When you think, do you not notice

that you speak slower, and perceive

an oscillating,

a vacillating,

feel tactily the /meaning/

of these words?

When you think, do you realize

that when we think

we parse out singable phrases?

Your thought,

it’s not monotone,


^ Note:

If I used the word “monotonic” here,

I would have screwed things up,

lyrically, harmonically,

for you, reader. Remember that

the meamest way to end a sentence

is indefinitely, sans point, with lol

You just don’t get that satisfaction,

that sailiency,


with ‘lol’.

>> Metanote: lol, metanotes.

– – –

Commentary: note the ambiguity of the question. Samesies w/r/t the title. Literally, how does it hit you?

Question: how many layers of meta can you find in this?


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