Yet Another Preview of “Why You Should Date a Man Who Reads”

Not only is this excerpt longer than the previous excerpt, it is a scanned image out of my notebook, which, if I’m not terribly mistaken, makes this a more authentic reading experience. This might also tip my hand a little bit, revealing that I am, in certain key capacities, very much like the reading man I advised readers, female and male, to not date. Except, as I put it so eloquently to a friend over decaf coffee, “I am kind of like the man who reads from that piece, but I am not a dick.”


Ever the hipster, I write only in Moleskines

I’ll leave it at that. And, when reading, please forgive the poor punctuation, the illegible ‘f’ in the sixth line, and the somewhat purple haze hanging over the whole thing.



2 responses to “Yet Another Preview of “Why You Should Date a Man Who Reads””

  1. Jason,

    Thanks for your response to my post! I hadn’t at the time formulated a concise (or poetical) argument for why I disagreed with your advice (to date an illiterate man,) but I certainly believe literate men would be the best to date in the end and am currently formulating my defense. I’ll send it your way when I have something of substance, and you can feel free to share our discussion with the world.

    Thanks for reading,
    Ian Hayes

    1. Ian –

      Well, to be perfectly honest, I believe women, irrespective of their average literary consumption levels, should date men who read. This is why I’m writing a response to the first, I’m writing to defend the literate man’s place on the dating scene. But it would be fun to play devil’s advocate with your response. It’s on.

      – JDR

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