Four Things Which Will Make April a Plethora of Win

April is going to be an über-spectacular month. My agenda items:

  • I’m working with best friends Ted Gonder and Morgan Hartley, with huge help from Vicki Peng and Paul Morimoto to make the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour event at UChicago on April 8th the greatest thing to happen on campus since the Maroons last won a Division 1 football championship.
  • I’m going to the World Foresight Forum in The Hague, Netherlands, as an executive member of The Kairos Society (pictured below).

  • I’m narrowing down a list of whip-smart server-side programmers for my startup; which, contrary to everyone’s googling, is not Oratorize. That venture (i.e. Oratorize) has recently entered indefinite suspension, after what’s been a good and profitable run, in spite of the fact I never got a website up and running.
  • I’m taking spring quarter off, which means that I’m basically camping out in the University of Chicago library doing nothing but reading and writing all day. And, I’m catching up with people I haven’t talked to in months.

I dare say that things are going well, this in spite of the woebegone and somewhat tedious nature of some of my recent posts. I am happy.


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