Introducing “JDR Found”

For a long time, I’ve used Facebook as a repository for links and photos I find online. After trying to find an easy way to access all the content I posted, to no avail, I’ve decided to stow my findings on a Tumblr blog, which I’m calling JDR Found.

There is no real theme to JDR Found. It’s just a publicly accessible repository of links, photos, quotes, music, and other media I find interesting and might want to come back to some day.

A link to the as-yet largely unpopulated tumblog can be found in The Halcyon Days’s navigation bar.


Author: Jason D. Rowley

As I mentioned elsewhere, I wear a lot of hats. Currently, I'm interested in VC data, early stage startups, and journalism. Previously I've been a blogger, designer, researcher, startup founder, (temporary) college dropout, connector, occasional branding designer and amateur chef.

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